Obituary: Remembering Winston Fernandez

Winston Fernandez, co-founder of Tara Media & Communications (, passed away peacefully on 5 May 2021 at the age of ...

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Tyre sector gears up on sustainable rubber

The demand-supply disruption of rubber presents opportunities for tyre makers to explore novel and sustainable sources of rubber...

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Gloves Industry,gloves pack a punch against Covid-19

A secure supply of gloves and new designs of antimicrobial gloves go hand-in-hand to stave off the health crisis facing ...

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Amid pandemic: growth, expansion for Malaysia’s ace glove makers

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has tipped the scales of the majority of industries, has triggered unprecedented demand for the rubber ...

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Bringing in-house eco-friendly rubber to the industry

The environmental and economic needs to increase recycling rates are the principal driving forces behind technological innovations in the 21st ...

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Country Focus: Indonesia’s rubber sustainability at a crossroads

Deforestation in Indonesia, the world’s second largest natural rubber producer, is an issue to reckon with. According to Greenpeace, the ...

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