Sumitomo Rubber/Murata develop 3D tyre wear detection system

Japan’s Sumitomo Rubber Industries and Murata Manufacturing are jointly developing a tyre wear detection system that detects wear by capturing the tyre shape in three dimensions (3D) and feeds back the data.

Sumitomo Rubber/Murata develop 3D tyre wear detection system

Demonstration will begin in 2025 at Dunlop directly managed stores (Tire Land).

Generally, when checking tyre wear, the depth of the main groove is measured by a person using a special tool, so if precise measurements are required, errors may occur due to measurement conditions and other factors. In addition, uneven tyre wear had been determined by visual inspection.

The two companies have established a technology to measure wear data with high precision and in 3D, and have developed a wear detection device that can be used in a wide range of environments and on vehicles and tyres.

The system uses a smartphone application to scan tyres with a wear detection device, and uses algorithms to analyse tyre surface data to accurately understand tyre wear in 3D.