Rubber industry in the digital age: how technology can save forests, boost business

Emerging policies on ethical material sourcing, such as the EU Deforestation-free Regulation (EUDR)’s zero-deforestation rule, underscore ecosystem preservation and market ...

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Gloves sector holding up through the headwind

Malaysia’s glove makers are benefiting from streamlining of operations, new investments, and net-zero collaborations to mitigate the impact of low ...

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Medical technology market shapes up with silicones

Global and Asian markets for silicones in the healthcare and medical industries have grown in tandem with the advancement of ...

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Industry News: A new way forward for the rubber sector

Malaysia, as one of the pioneer nations to start rubber plantations in 1877, continues to lead the field in producing ...

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Carbon black bound for sustainability

Sustainable carbon black made from renewable feedstock is becoming more and more in demand. But for technologies to fully produce ...

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Recycling: Thermoset rubber circular economy

Devulcanising crumb rubber from scrapped tyres to mould new engineered products presents a solution to the huge and ever growing ...

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