Trelleborg launches BioPharmaPro range

Trelleborg launches BioPharmaPro rangeTrelleborg Healthcare and Medical has launched the BioPharmaPro family of  products, materials and services for fluid path single-use equipment to accelerate the advancement of life-changing therapies.

Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical’s BioPharmaPro range delivers solutions created from a vast portfolio of materials, including silicones, other elastomers, thermoplastics and composites, which can be manufactured into tubing, custom moulded components, and processing columns up to full assemblies, and much more.

Solutions range from individual single-use components to complex assemblies and full biopharmaceutical systems manufactured from a wide portfolio of polymer materials meeting functionality, cleaning and sterilisation, and regulatory requirements.

Equipment, processes and advanced manufacturing technology produce precision components and assemblies created using extrusion, moulding, composites and various other technologies.

Systems can be produced in ISO 7 and ISO 8 cleanrooms and all components meet cleanliness and biocompatibility requirements, including BioPhorum Operations Groups (BPOG) Extractables & Leachables standards for silicone tubing. Integrated solutions, including full assemblies, packaging and kitting enable supplier consolidation.

Florance Veronelli, Segment Manager Healthcare & Medical Europe, says: ”Because single-use systems perform critical functions, we build strong partnerships with our customers to collaboratively develop innovative solutions to optimise outcomes. When customers approach us with their ideas for innovative components and devices, we work with them at every step to turn these ideas into reality.

”BioPharmaPro’s combination of polymer materials expertise, advanced manufacturing processes, innovative engineering and quality assurance enables us to provide unsurpassed support to accelerate the business of our biopharmaceutical customers,” he added.

Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical supports biopharmaceutical companies with a full range of products, from single-use tubing and tubing sets and custom moulded parts to full assemblies for filtration or chromatography equipment with advanced composite columns.

Mike Urbanski, Business Development Manager BioPharma, adds: ”In the post-Covid world, biopharmaceutical development is increasingly rapid and development times need to be short. But the market structure is also changing rapidly. System suppliers are shifting their focus away from product engineering to process engineering and drug development. Therefore reliable contract manufacturers and long-term partnerships are needed, as they can support with their capacity in development and manufacturing of mechanical systems.

The wide BioPharmaPro range includes platinum-cured silicone tubing; braided hose which are reinforced for higher pressure applications; fittings for tubing and connectors; and vulcanised and non-vulcanised sheeting.

It also features liquid silicone rubber (LSR) parts available in complex geometries; multi-component parts in one bonded solution; advanced composite materials; and engineered-grade moulded thermoplastic parts.