Malaysian glove sector committed to ILO standards

Malaysian glove sector committed to ILO standards

The Malaysian Rubber Gloves Manufacturers Association (MARGMA) says it is committed to total compliance regarding labour issues in the sector, especially in meeting the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) requirements. This was stated by MARGMA President Dr Supramaniam Shamugan who also added that the association has been spearheading the efforts since 2018 when it advocated a zero debt policy.

It has also initiated remedial actions undertaken by each member to dislodge itself from the stigma of forced labour, using the ILO’s 11 indicators as the guiding principle, he said.

“The industry is definitely moving in the right direction and that would certainly be a model industry to emulate in the governance of an equitable workforce,” he said.

Supramaniam noted that MARGMA would like to collaborate with the US Customs and Border Protection (US CBP), adding that MARGMA had met the US CBP for a discussion recently.

Supramaniam said MARGMA has formed an environmental, social, and governance unit and a task force to actively educate and sensitise members and its employees on the 11 ILO indicators of forced labour.

“This vigorous exercise is done via a partnership with the ILO, and the US, UK, and the European Union embassies/high commissions in Malaysia,” he added.