Increase in the natural rubber production dismissed according to ANRPC


The expected growth of natural rubber production of 4 percent by 986,000 tonnes will be dismissed according to the Natural Rubber Trends and Statistics made by the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries or ANRPC. From 4 percent, the production will roll down to 8.3 percent by 915,000 tonnes. But, the production of labor of this year will still increase to 4.7 percent over 2011 to 1,083,300 tonnes.



The ANRPC already announced last August 17 by the International Tripartite Rubber Council or ITRC members Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand that the production of natural rubber and export rate has descended even more. Because of this event, the organizations have agreed to cut down the export with 30 million tons and cut mature rubber trees from 100,000 hectares of planted area to boost the price of natural rubber to the rubber market industry. (PRA)