Arunachal districts immensely cultivating rubber


The Rubber Board of India (RBI) has reached a milestone after it brought 7,000 hectares of land to cultivate rubber in Ruksin rubber field station.



The Ruksin rubber field station which includes the parts of Lower Divang and West Siang was structured to reach the target of 672 hectares of rubber plantation which is under the Tezpur regional office. This has resulted to the development of the Aruchanal districts which include Lower Subansiri, West Siang, East Siang and Lower Dibang.



The officials of the RBI are developing 3 commercial nurseries in this region for the local Indian farmers who are demanding for samplings. They also said that the rubber plants in East Siang, Telam Seren and Dipa, Niglok, Ngorlung, Nari and Bilat which is about 1,200 hectares have matured enough while they are still looking at the progress of their plantation in bordering Assam. According to their latest study conducted by a Guwahati-based marketing industry, these plantations can supply an average of 62-65 tonnes a year. (PRA)