Council backs up Tyre Safety Week


Carrickfergus Borough Council is backing up the Tyre Safety Week through motivating drivers to use tyres that are suitable during this period.



Alison Marsh, Environmental Health Officer , said that her department found out that the sale of part-worn tyres are the problems during this season.



“Safe tyres are a vital element in safe driving. Due to the current economic climate, the sale of part-worn tyres appears to have risen with part-worn tyres selling for between £15 – £20,” she said.



“A survey carried out revealed that 60 percent of tyre retail premises visited which supply part-worn tyres did not comply with the legal requirement to display a ‘Part-Worn’ label. When purchasing part-worn tyres, make sure that the tyre is marked as being part-worn.”



Supplying and using of part-worn tyres that have not passed the standard based on the Motor Vehicle Tyres Regulation 1994 is a criminal offence.



Tyres should not have defects such as cuts bigger than 25mm, internal lump, bulge or tear, and ply or cord external or internal.



Marsh also explained that tyres must have a tread pattern depth of a minimum of 2mm.



“Any repairs must have been properly carried out and all sellers of part-worn tyres should take positive steps to ensure that all part-worn tyres they stock for supply meet the regulations,” she said. (RJA)