JUTCL to retread used tyres


Last year, Jamaica Ultimate Tyre Company Limited (JUTCL) rolled out tyre retreads for fiscal numbering to 10, 643, almost 10% higher than it rolled out in the previous year. This number of retreads have boosted the pre-tax profit of the company to J$30.6 million, which 90% of it is thought to be due to the retreads.



This time, JUTCL, also known as Ultimate Tyre is again performing a surgery to old and worn-out tyres to make them pumped up to drive the road again.


The company will buff, repair, and replace the old treads of old tyres with new, and vulcanize it to bond vacuum rubber case and produce newly recycled tyres.


Chairman of Ultimate Tyres, Dennis Chung said that retreading of the tyres is an attractive alternative as it can save up to 30 to 40% of the total cost of the production.



General Manager of the company, Jackson, also said that this is a very effective move as they have tested it using the JUTCL buses which operate with six tyres; two are brand new while the 4 others at the back are retreaded and recycled. (RJA)