Continental to help with COVID-19 response in Italy by reopening hose line

The Continental Corporation (Continental) will be using a manufacturing site in Daverio, in the northern Italian region of Lombardy, to produce air/medical gas hoses crucially needed by the health care sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Continental had previously “ramped-down” production in Lombardy, which has been hard hit by COVID-19. But according to Marco Tamborini, Manager for the Italy-based production of thermoplastic hoses at Continental, the company has “temporarily restarted a production line in order to meet customer need and supply hoses to the medical sector.”

Bergamo, also in the Lombardy region and the Italian society will soon receive critical support from Continental in the form of gas transfer products for Bergamo-based Flowmeter. Flowmeter makes devices for the measurement, control and supply of fluids; their medical gas supply hose is made of PVC with reinforced layers and can be used with air, oxygen, nitrous oxide, helium and carbon dioxide.

“Going forward, we will have a strong focus on manufacturing medical hoses for the European health care sector—especially during these days, when the medical and social need for medical equipment used in respiratory diseases is so extremely high,” Tamborini said.