Vehicle manufacture boosting tyre testing machines’ market

There is increasing demand for tyre testing machinery worldwide due to its many functions and applications – the machine measures stiffness, torque, durability and endurance of a tyre via different tests and can duplicate realistic vehicle tricks in a controlled situation to capture high-resolution tyre wear statistics.

The daily operating limits of a tyre are significant to the entire performance of a vehicle. It is supposed that the existing safe and dynamic properties of the tyre testing machine and its important use in tyre balancing tests (for balancing the mass of a tyre/wheel assembly so that it travels consistently at high speeds) are together uplifting the tyre testing machines’ market.

Meanwhile, tyre manufacturers are improving their product lines and introducing frequent upgrades in the testing machine for quick analysis of the necessary parameters for tyre safety. One Japan-based manufacturer, A&D Company, introduced a flat belt tyre testing machine with a load carrying capacity of up to 12kN and tyre speeds of 1,750rpm.

According to Future Market Insight’s (FMI) report “Tire Testing Machine Market 2018-2028” industry players such as A&D Company, Calspan, MTS Systems, Tianjin Jiurong Wheel Tech, VMI Holland, and others, will potentially drive safety and revenue trends in the market.

The European and Japanese bulk of shares and subsequent growth in the tyre testing machines’ market is attributed to substantial growth in the automobile manufacturing industries such as Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Honda, Suzuki, and others.

The North American and Asia Pacific countries, excluding Japan (APEJ), are also expected to witness high adoption of tyre testing machinery in the automobile industry while the growth of the market is less pronounced in the Middle East and Africa.