Trelleborg Lanka orders EnviroCB for tyre production

Trelleborg Lanka, a subsidiary of Trelleborg Wheel Systems (TWS), has placed orders for Enviro’s recovered carbon black (EnviroCB), to be used for production of solid tyres. The three initial orders, worth some EUR€180,000 annually, are slated for serial delivery to Trelleborg Lanka– deliveries up until October 2019, and forecast for the remainder of 2019 and 2020 is to be established at a later stage.

Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Scandinavia’s Enviro is happy to add another leading multinational to their supplier base, which enables expansion of the company’s global production capacity.

According to Paolo Pompei, President at TWS, the transition to rCB is in line with their goal of managing environmental impact and also reduces CO2 emissions from the tyre production processes and products. Pompei adds: “This is just another of a large number of initiatives launched by Trelleborg to meet the challenges of climate change, reinforcing its commitment to being at the forefront of the industry, while supporting the implementation of renewable energies across its entities around the world.”