Recyclable airless tyre from Bridgestone

Recyclable airless tyre from BridgestoneJAPANESE tyre maker Bridgestone has developed a non-pneumatic (airless) concept tyre that could prove to be a viable and more environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional tyres.
Bridgestone’s tyre has a structure of spokes stretching along the inner sides of the tyres supporting the weight of the vehicle. There is no need to periodically refill the tyres with air, thus reducing on maintenance. At the same time, the worry of punctures is eliminated. In addition, the spoke structure in the tyre is made from reusable thermoplastic resin and along with the rubber in the tread portion the materials used in the tyres are 100% recyclable.
Bridgestone is pursuing this technological development with the aim of achieving a cradle-to-cradle process that proactively maximises the cyclical use of resources from worn tyres into new tyres and the use of recyclable resources.(PRA)