Pyrum to build fifth tyre recycling plant in Czech republic

Pyrum to build fifth tyre recycling plant in Czech republicTyre recycler Pyrum says it will build a new factory with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes/year of end-of-life tyres (ELTs), together with an unnamed Czech energy group, at the Czech border area adjacent to Germany. It will begin operations in 2025. The Czech partner, which is active in the field of energy and environmental services, already operates a power plant on the site and therefore has a gas turbine that will also generate electricity from the pyrolysis gas in the future. This means that synergies and the existing structures can be benefited from in the planning and implementation of the new plant.

A consulting contract has been signed with a subsidiary of the group to prepare the permit for the construction of the tyre recycling plant and to submit the building application.

Pascal Klein, CEO of Pyrum Innovations AG said, “We are looking forward to this groundbreaking project. Using the existing infrastructure to operate the new tyre recycling plant is an approach that fits perfectly with Pyrum’s commitment to sustainability. The plans also underline the ongoing internationalisation of our company. Together with our partner, we will contribute to the circular economy and provide a sustainable solution for ELT recycling in the Czech Republic.”

For the construction and operation of the new plant, a joint venture (special purpose vehicle, SPV) is to be established, in which Pyrum is expected to hold a 30% stake. As part of the consulting contract, Pyrum will carry out the basic engineering and prepare parts of the approval documents for the new plant. The site also offers sufficient space for future capacity expansions.

It adds that the size of the plant is already being designed to allow for a doubling of recycling capacities in 2027.

In addition to Pyrum’s main plant in Dillingen/Saar, it has a joint venture Revalit GmbH and the already announced plans for the construction of pyrolysis plants together with Suez recycling and recovery UK Ltd and Thermo Lysi SA in Greece, the plans in the Czech Republic now represent the fifth concrete project in total for the construction of a pyrolysis plant.