PolyOne Distribution Adds Cariflex Polyisoprene Rubber Solutions for Healthcare

Specialised polymer provider, PolyOne Corp. announced the addition of Cariflex polyisoprene rubber, manufactured by Kraton Performance Polymers, to PolyOne Distribution’s healthcare portfolio.
“Cariflex polyisoprene rubber materials are an excellent complement to our healthcare portfolio and will expand PolyOne’s ability to provide value to medical device manufacturers through streamlined logistics and simplified inventory management,” said Kurt Schuering, president, PolyOne Distribution. “In addition, we can help customers reduce allergy risks associated with natural rubber.”
Cariflex polyisoprene rubber is an ideal alternative to natural rubber for healthcare applications requiring high quality, resealability, puncture resistance, and tear resistance. Applications for this material include medical stoppers, surgical gloves, catheters and medical tubing, needle shields, and medical bags.
In addition to its USP Class VI certification, Cariflex polyisoprene rubber offers properties and processing capabilities similar to natural rubber, but with added features that include high purity, excellent clarity, no fragmentation and low gel count. As a result, the material does not contain impurities found in alternative materials that can cause discoloration, odor and allergic reactions.
“Kraton Performance Polymers chose PolyOne Distribution as our distributor for Cariflex due to their deep knowledge about polymers, formulations and polymer processing. Their reputation for commercial and operational excellence, as well as global reach, are fundamental to providing our customers with outstanding customer service, which is our top priority,” said Richard Brennan, vice president, Cariflex Polyisoprene Products.
Cariflex polyisoprene rubber is currently available through PolyOne Distribution in the U.S. and Canada. The material has been approved by pharmacopeia agencies in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and China.