Kumho tyre ordered to move China factory

KUMHO Tire’s Nanjing factory has received an order from the city’s Department of Environmental Protection to move to a new location, Economic Observer News reported on August 20th. The Korean tire maker is among 173 companies across China to receive such relocation orders as the government attempts to address growing public concerns regarding pollution.

The Nanjing production site has long since been marked by the municipal government as one of Nanjing’s most polluted factories. The plant has already been ordered to stop production, news which, in addition to the recent CCTV controversy, caused many in the industry to speculate that Kumho would retreat from the Chinese market. In response to the speculation, Kumho representatives said that the manufacturer was adhering with government requests and currently researching ways to cap its emissions.

Recent mass protests over a chemical factory in Dalian also forced the upcoming relocation of that facility.

Kumho’s track record on pollution hasn’t been very bright since its 1994 establishment of a factory in Nanjing’s Yanziji area. The manufacturer will begin moving its facilities in 2012, with the new location currently being decided on.

Source: Right Site