Kossan gears up for a better financial year


Kossan Rubber Industries, a Malaysian investment holding company focusing on manufacturing and selling of rubber products in Malaysia is expecting to gain a more profitable year in 2013 through planning business expansions and entering the Indonesian market.


According to Alliance Research , Kossan is looking into  potential business opportunities in Indonesia, including setting up new glove and/or a technical rubber plant with a local partner. The new ventures and added valuation could even make Kossan eventually outpace his competitors, the group said.


Kossan Rubber has exhibited improvements in its capacity to expand its business, specifically in the cleanroom products sector, which the latter expects to balance out this current financial year and increase its net profit in this segment by 4% to 5% on the following financial year.


The company acquired Cleanera HK Ltd, a cleanroom gloves, face masks and wipes manufacturer in China in June 2010 but has faced financial setbacks from it due to high inventory costs accrued by the previous management. However, Kossan is able to regain momentum after some months of propping up the cleanroom division. (RJA)