King Industries and D.O.G. to boost rubber additives venture



US-based King Industries is venturing with long-time partner D.O.G. Deutsche Oelfabrik, a factice additives producer based in Hamburg, Germany to firm up their presence in the North American market with more technical development for the rubber chemicals.

King Industries, which initially started making plasticisers for the rubber industry under the brand names Reogen, Bondogen and Plastogen, has evolved into manufacturing coatings and lubricant additives, sidestepping its rubber business over time; whereas DOG, which has been focused on its factice lines, have established its market in Germany and throughout Europe.

With demand now in rubber products, both King Industries and DOG combined their specialisations to broaden their product lines. King Industries, which used to have only three rubber additives can now offer an array of materials and specialty items with DOS’s factice line of products.

Factice is vulcanised unsaturated vegetable or animal oil used as a processing aid and property modifier in rubber.

Both companies are pushing for  D.O.G.’s factice line of products in  the North American market, with King Industries providing the marketing support with technical papers designed to showcase the capabilities of the factice lines.

Amongst their highlight products are D.O.G.’s white factice, which is a peroxide-cross linked material that can be used in light-colored compounds and has less effect on physical properties than sulfur-cured additives; and the Deo-Stab line of vulcanisation stabilizers, which is used for EPDM compounds that contain calcium oxide, especially for extruded profiles cured with sulfur.

D.O.G.’s materials are used in extrusions and to improve the performance of rubber rollers. They also can provide a smooth surface and silky touch to the end product, eliminate air bubbles in the calendering process and reduce shrinkage of non-cured material.