Hercules offers new all-steel H-901 tyres for trucks

herculesHERCULES Tire & Rubber Co launches a new addition to its H-Series medium truck offering, the new Hercules H-901.

According to Joshua Simpson, Hercules’s Vice President of Marketing, the tyre features better load carrying capability for hauling as well as the heavy duty construction necessary for many agricultural and industrial applications.

The H-901 is the tyre company’s first all steel commercial light truck tyre, ideal for vehicles that require a heavy load capacity or those that operate in conditions that demand a heavy duty, puncture resistant tyre.

The all steel construction of the tyre distributes the forces from acceleration, corning and braking increasing the wear. Additionally the H-901 features a tread design with biting edges offering better grip and a special tread compound that helps with wet handling and braking.