EU starts compulsory performance labeling


Starting today, November 1, 2012, consumers will get to purchase new tyres for their cars assured that they are fuel-efficient, have stronger grips and quiet as the new and the compulsory EU label will grade tyres from A to G, based on the wet grip and rolling resistance while the rolling noise will be displayed as the number of dBs on the label.



This new amendment is due to the EU regulation setting that requires tyres to have the same performances and become much safer and sustainable.



It is the first time in the history that such as detailed labelling has been amended in the automotive sector which totally changed the whole tyre supply chain. According to tyre makers, this will enhance the fierce competition in the industry. Furthermore, the tyre makers will also get to enjoy more transparency in their products as the product differentiation will be more visible. So, consumers will now have the chance to compare tyres effectively based on the three performance standards that most of them do not know about.



“We hope consumers will not only find this useful to make better informed decisions” – said Mr Lepercq, President of ETRMA – “but also that they will realise that tyres are very complex products which can change their driving experience, have an effect on the vehicle’s safety on the road and the effect the environment”. (RJA)