Endurica/Coreform to explore simulation of tyre tread patterns

Endurica/Coreform to explore simulation of tyre tread patternsInnovative tyre tread computer simulation processes aimed at accelerating the use of simulation in the tire industry is the mission of an exploratory grant awarded to US software developer Coreform by the US Department of Energy (DOE). The firm will apply Coreform’s isogeometric analysis (IGA) technology – which replaces difficult and time-consuming portions of computer simulation work while providing greater design clarity and detail – to the simulation of the advanced tyre tread patterns required by emerging vehicles.

To fully implement the grant’s scope, elastomer fatigue analysis firm Endurica has been selected as a technology partner to provide key tyre industry endurance evaluations including rolling resistance, heat build-up and wear behaviour.

“Coreform’s technology promises to revolutionise simulations involving complex geometry,” explains William V. Mars, Founder/President of Endurica. “and tyre tread patterns are an extremely important example of complex geometry. We are honoured to be included in this important research for both the DOE and the tyre industry.”

Traditional finite element analysis (FEA) first requires geometry to be defeatured and meshed which can be both time consuming and relationally inaccurate. IGA was introduced in 2005 to run simulation directly on the design model, leveraging the power of splines. Thousands of scientific papers have been written on this approach and Coreform’s novel “Flex IGA” technology unlocks these benefits in a commercial setting. Coreform IGA provides a full spectrum of input options and flexible modeling, allowing engineers to minimize manual effort for a desired solution solve time.

“Greater use of predictive simulation analysis for advanced tire tread designs will reduce the cost of product development and accelerate the adoption of both electric and self-driving cars,” explains Coreform Chief Strategy Officer Matthew Sederberg. “We anticipate this project will help the tyre industry develop innovative tread patterns to reduce noise and improve energy efficiency.”

Greg Vernon, Director of Engineering at Coreform, adds that Coreform’s approach will use isogeometric analysis to allow tire manufacturers to test new designs much more quickly. “Down the road, that will mean fewer particulate emissions, longer life, and better energy efficiency for all of us.”