Continental gives new life to E tyres as basketball court paving

Continental gives new life to E tyres as basketball court pavingA new basketball court is being built in Hanover, Germany, to give children from the surrounding area a lively place to play, run and train. What is unique about it is that German tyre firm Continental is providing the necessary rubber paving stones made from recycled racing tyres from the Extreme E electric racing series, which Continental has been supporting as a founding partner since 2019. The 400 sq m court will be paved with around 200 recycled racing tyres from first Extreme E season.

The Extreme E tyres underwent a complex manufacturing process to extract all chemical components from the tyres before transforming them into paving stones. Now the tyres will be given a second life as the foundation of a high-level basketball court.

“We are very pleased to support the project with paving stones made from our recycled tyres here in Hanover. In this way, we are bringing the materials from the sustainable Extreme E electric racing series back into circulation and using them for a good cause,” emphasised Enno Straten, Head of Strategy, Analytics and Marketing, Replacement Tires EMEA at Continental, at the groundbreaking ceremony.

Extreme E is an off-road racing series that not only aims to deliver exciting sport with electric-powered races under extreme conditions, but also to draw attention to the climatic challenges around the world.

The first season took place in 2021, with the finale of Season 2 having finished in November. Next year in March, the third season will start in Saudi Arabia.

Continental is a founding partner of Extreme E, a premium sponsor, and a developer and supplier of the innovative CrossContact racing tyre, which has been developed to meet the challenges of a wide range of different terrains.