Construction of MOL, JSR synthetic rubber jv plant in Hungary begins

molBUDAPEST-headquartered MOL, an oil and gas company, has formed a joint venture with the Japanese JSR Corporation to produce 60,000 tonnes of synthetic rubber (S-SBR) in Tiszaújváros from 2017. SSB-R is one of the most innovative raw materials for safe and fuel efficient tyres. The construction of a new plant in Tiszaújváros is underway. The jv will be incorporated with 51% held by JSR and 49% by MOL.

One of the most important raw materials of the S-SBR will be manufactured by MOL group, TVK butadiene plant starting in Tiszaújváros as well in 2015 with 130,000 tonnes/year capacity.

Located in Hungary, the jv has advantages for the synthetic rubber manufacturing, says MOL. Some major tyre manufacturers have already commenced their operations in the country. And there is regional access from Hungary to Western Europe’s major tyre manufacturers, as well as to Central-Eastern Europe, Russia, and Turkey, where the expansion of tyre production is expected.

Sándor Fasimon, COO of MOL Hungary said, “Besides the fact that MOL’s petrochemicals value chain will be expanded with this step we are also strengthening the Hungarian industry, since world leading technology will operate in the North region of Hungary.”