China moves to green tyre and radial standards

The China Rubber Association’s “green” tyre programme requires half of the nation’s tyre makers to produce fuel-efficient tyres and for 25% of car tyre production to be using “green” tyres by the end of the five-year plan. The plan will be based on the standards found in the South Korean and European Union (EU)’s tyre labelling rules and categories. It will comprise voluntary and mandatory schemes with limits and categories defined in the EU legislation and include provision of subsidies to selected tyre makers to upgrade their technology and possibly accelerate consolidation of the industry.

The association is also developing standards for radial tyre technology. The first draft standard has been distributed to members. It is designed to reduce the possibility of further scandals in the industry, similar to the Kumho Tyre issue over the use of recycled materials in tyres in 2011. (PRA)