Bridgestone to invest US$250 mn into Costa Rica tyre plant

Bridgestone to invest US$250 mn into Costa Rica tyre plantBridgestone Americas (Bridgestone) has announced an investment of approximately US$190 million to renovate and expand its tyre manufacturing plant located in Belén de Heredia, Costa Rica. This investment is in addition to more than US$60 million planned for 2022-2026.  In total, the company will be investing over US$250 million in total over the five-year period.

Thanks to the new capital investment, the company will be able to extend its facilities and increase its production capacity up to 36% by 2026 and adding more than 160 new permanent jobs.

Bridgestone’s plant in Belén de Heredia started operations in 1967. It is focused on the production of tyres for passenger vehicles, vans, and trucks for domestic and export markets; and employs around 1,000 people.

“This new capital investment represents an important step for Bridgestone’s tyre production capacity, and it also reinforces our commitment to contributing to Costa Rica’s economic and social development,” said Alfonso Zendejas, president of Bridgestone Latin America North, Bridgestone Americas. “This investment strengthens Bridgestone’s commitment to Costa Rica as a strategic location for local and global business activities and further contributes to our ability to maximise value for all of our stakeholders.”

This investment complements the strategic plan for sustainable growth that the company has been implementing in recent years to expand the businesses that operates in the country. From 2020 to date, Bridgestone Costa Rica has invested more than US$38.5 million, of which US$36 million has been destined for modernisation and efficiency projects for the tyre manufacturing plant, US$2 million for the expansion of the plant in Turrialba, and US$0.5 million to strengthen the operations of the Bridgestone Business Services.

“At Bridgestone, we believe in the great potential of the Latin American market, as well as the high levels of quality and reliability of the local workforce. Thanks to the trust of the corporation and the daily commitment of our teammates, Latin America will remain one of the most outstanding regions for the company worldwide,” said Celso Villalva, vice president of Latin American Manufacturing, Bridgestone Americas.

“With the expansion of the plant, we will be able to continue to meet the current and future needs of our customers, focusing on the production of premium tyres for domestic and export markets and sustainable solutions with products that will be ready for the digital age,” explained Pablo Jiménez, manufacturing director of Bridgestone Costa Rica, Bridgestone Americas.

In addition to the tyre plant, Bridgestone maintains the operation of its Bridgestone Business Services in Heredia with more than 500 employees, the Firestone Industrial Products manufacturing plant in Turrialba, which employs around 250 people, and more recently, a new business unit for trading activities that operates under the Free Trade Zone and employs around 100 people.