UK’s first ELT pyrolysis plant supports tyre recovery group goals

UK’s first ELT pyrolysis plant supports tyre recovery group goals

Carlton Forest Renewables has offered its support to the Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) as they work towards a shared objective for the responsible recovery of used tyres as the date for the opening of the UK’s first continuous pyrolysis plant for end-of-life tyres approaches.

Scott Robson, Managing Director of Carlton Forest Renewables said that their plant will soon be running round the clock to assist in the recovery of over 1.8 million tyres from the 57 million UK creates each year.  “This is the first of a series of facilities that we will design, manufacture, and run across the UK, ” Robson said.

Since 2018, the company has committed more than £5 million in research and development to treat end-of-life tyres, including the development of a unique pyrolysis machine that turns ELTs into renewable oil and carbon char. In December 2020, the company received a patent for its worldwide distinctive designs.

Peter Taylor, Secretary General, Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) lauds Carlton Forest Renewables, a member of the TRA,  for  finding new ways to utilise used tyres.

By 2026, the Group has a five-year goal of producing 100 million litres of renewable oil per year. This method will be implemented by erecting modular plants throughout the UK, close to the source of the ELTs, in order to eliminate wasted transportation miles and generate even more CO2 reductions.