Trelleborg to repurchase own shares


Swedish firm Trelleborg has presented new financial targets and proposes a programme for the repurchase of its own shares. It says that “the conditions are better than ever, both operationally, and thanks to trends such as increased electrification, digitisation, and industrial automation”.

“Trelleborg has a clear and decisive role in the transformation of global society. We prioritise investments in segments with potential for high growth and profit, and we continue to focus on areas that give us a high return on capital employed,” said Peter Nilsson, President/CEO of Trelleborg Group. “Demand for our balanced portfolio of solutions generates sales and margins that are evenly distributed over the business cycle. Our long-term customer relationships are based on close collaboration on innovations with well-known industry players, who are on the same journey as ourselves – in the direction of better sustainability,” adds Nilsson.

“We have demonstrated good profitability and a favourable earnings trend in recent years, despite, to say the least, challenging market conditions. We have also recently completed a strategic review from 2019, which was tasked with evaluating various structural initiatives for a number of operations. This included the divestment of several companies with combined sales of more than SEK 3,200 million. We are now fully focused on continuing to develop the Group, driving organic growth but also accelerating company acquisitions, which is supported by our strong cash flow,” says Fredrik Nilsson, CFO of Trelleborg Group.

Trelleborg’s updated financial targets include total sales growth over an economic cycle to amount to 5 to 8%, as well as the programme for the repurchase of shares. “The ambition is to repurchase own shares of approximately SEK 2,000 to 3,000 million/year. The Board’s intent is that the repurchased shares are cancelled at a time decided by upcoming Annual General Meetings,” says Hans Biörck, Chairman of the Board of Trelleborg Group.