Sensata launches new sensor for all tyres

Sensata launches new sensor for all tyresSensata Technologies has developed a new Tyre Mounted Sensor for vehicle and tyre OEMs to deliver enhanced safety, performance, and data insights.

Sensata’ Tire Mounted Sensor is the next step in the evolution of tyre sensing, leveraging tyres as the single point of contact with the road to deliver new insights, beyond just pressure and temperature. It includes TPMS functionality as well as an accelerometer to detect the force with which the tyre is striking the ground. Mounted directly to the tyre’s inner liner, the sensor identifies the brand and model of the tyre and provides data continuity for the specific tyre throughout its life cycle.

Benefits include:

  • – Improved safety, tire life, fuel efficiency and driving range calculations: When the data from the sensors is paired with a load calculation algorithm, vertical load can be estimated on each tire while the vehicle is in motion. The system will notify the driver if the vehicle is overloaded or imbalanced. A vehicle that is overloaded by just 10% reduces tyre life by 16% and fuel efficiency by 10%. Awareness of vehicle load increases safety, extends tyre life, and improves driving range estimations. In addition, the real-time feedback sensors provided to a battery management system (BMS) allows for more accurate EV range calculations.
  • – Better vehicle handling: Tyre information programmed into the sensor can enable the vehicle to adjust performance and handling to match the installed tyre.
  • – More accurate ADAS performance: Detecting road surface conditions, such as changes from pavement to gravel, can inform the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to adapt and make more timely and accurate braking distance adjustments, for example.
  • – Simplified tire warranty tracking: Tyre and vehicle OEMs can more easily conduct tyre warranty tracking and notifications as a vehicle with the sensor can automatically recognise the tyre information from the sensors.
    Sensata will launch it in 2023 for a fleet retrofit with a major tyre manufacturer and is discussing more opportunities with additional vehicle and tyre OEMs.