Increased medical demand a boon for General Silicones

Unlike most companies, Taiwanese specialist silicone products manufacturer General Silicones Co., Ltd. seems to be thriving even during the coronavirus pandemic. The company is said to have experienced an “unprecedented” 65% increase in global demand for its medical-grade products in the first six months of 2020.

The spike in demand has specifically come from US and European customers seeking parts for respiratory assistance equipment, research, work safety, and other purposes. Customised silicone parts are also needed for other medical equipment such as scalpel mats, pin mats, tubing and breathing masks, medical membrane keypads, medical mouse pads, electric knife parts, silicone instrument mats, magnetic (instrument) mats, nebuliser plugs, bacterial petri plates and O-rings.

General Silicones has since invested in new equipment including LSR injection molding machines to meet the growth in demand from these medical markets.

“Obviously, we want to do what we can help, both from the point of view of a business and also to assist doctors and patients all over the world. We’ve invested in new manufacturing equipment so we can deliver vital supplies where they are most needed even more quickly,” said Michael Lin, President and CEO of General Silicones.

The company also serves the automotive, consumer products, electronics, and IT industries.