Yokohama’s Avid GT tyres fitted for Subaru’s Legacy sedan and Outback crossover SUV

The Yokohama Rubber (Yokohama) company has been supplying Avid GT tyres as original equipment for two new Subaru cars for the US and Canadian markets – the new-model Legacy sedan and Outback crossover SUV – since their launch last autumn.

The Avid GT incorporates elements of BluEarth, a global tyre brand offered by Yokohama: the tyre was developed using BluEarth’s basic design and materials technology, as well as the brand’s theme of friendly tyre solutions to the environment, people and society.

Similar to Yokohama’s existing Avid tyre series sold in NA,the Avid GT also has the ability to deal with sudden snowfall and displays the mud and snow (M+S) mark on its sidewall. The Avid GT tyre additionally combines excellent drive ability and safety while providing a high level of fuel efficiency.