Vibracoustic opens new centre for compounds testing

Global automotive solutions provider Vibracoustic has opened a 2,000sqm Material Development Center in Weinheim, Germany, to house 25 material experts who will collaborate with Vibracoustic engineers to produce and conduct comprehensive testing on new compounds/technology. The new centre is expected to strengthen the company’s position as an automotive noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) expert by securing innovative, high-performance and extensively tested materials for its products.

While analytical/physical material testing and corrosion tests can be conducted at the new facility to secure quality, durability and performance of vehicles,there is also a rheology laboratory to evaluate and refine the deformation and flow characteristics of solids and/or liquids used by automotive manufacturers.

In addition, new raw compounds are to be developed in the special prototyping area, where small batches can be mixed and vulcanised on the spot for further testing – a dedicated Micro Cellular Urethane (MCU) shot machine allows testing and prototyping of the microcellular foam material.

German Vibracoustic provides comfort while supporting efficiency, safety and durability through customised automotive vibration control technology. Its expertise in all vehicle systems and its broad product range enables Vibracoustic to solve current and future NVH challenges across various automotive segments. Vibracoustic serves major automotive manufacturers with over 10,000 employees across 19 countries – the company most recently recorded sales of EUR€2.1 billion (2018).