Prinx Chengshan expands in Thailand with a new tyre factory

April 5, 2019

Hong-Kong headquartered Prinx Chengshan recently broke ground on a new plant in Chonburi, Thailand. The new plant, the Chinese tyremaker’s first overseas production base,  is expected to be commissioned in mid-2020, and will further consolidate and expand global production capacity, international competitiveness, and grow Prinx Chengshan’s brand; the plant will feature advanced AI manufacturing standards, with nearly US$300 million to be invested on construction of the initial stage of the plant. Annual production line is estimated to include 4 million semi-steel radial tyres and 800,000 all-steel radial tyres.

Founded in 1976, Prinx Chengshan has accumulated technological research and development capability, advanced management model systems, global market experience, and corporate culture after more than 40 years of development. The company said that it pursues the “green and safe” concept  in future development opportunities, striving to manufacture high-performance, high-quality, high value-added tyres, thus creating a comfortable and pleasant experience for global users.

WHA Group of Thailand, which held the launching ceremony for the 10th Industrial Park on 1 April, consists of Logistics, Industrial Development, Utilities & Power and Digital Platform, with an added integrated service offering that enables it to provide turn-key logistics solutions to local and international customers.


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