NTDA announces membership increase

May 22, 2014

The National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) is reporting a strong start to 2014 with a number of past members returning and an increase in membership in general during the first quarter.

For example Malvern Tyres Group (incorporating King David Tyres, Malvern Tyres, Auto Tyre and Battery and some HiQ depots) and County Tyre Group (incorporating B.I.T.S.) were the welcome returners, leading a list of new members including WM Tyre Mobile Service, Taiwanese tyre manufacturer Nankang, tyre storage solutions provider Dexion and most recently a leading business group in the automotive aftermarket, the Parts Alliance.

NTDA Director Stefan Hay said: “We are naturally excited by the renewed interest and the fact that the NTDA is thriving. The marketplace in which our membership is operating has become so much more than just tyre retailing and fitting. Our membership is increasingly representative of the entire supply chain and with a new strategic plan in place, and many new Association initiatives on the horizon, we believe we are positioning ourselves to represent better the needs of our diverse membership and add genuine tangible value to member’s businesses.”

The NTDA is currently working on a new membership assessment scheme, has launched an affinity partnership with workplace pensions specialist BlueSky Pensions Ltd and has become even more active in lobbying government in areas such as illegal part worn tyre sales, illegal tyre dumping and tyre ageing.

NTDA National Chairman Roger Griggs added: “The ‘new’ NTDA is energetic and responsive to the marketplace and the needs of its members. We have clear direction, have become active on social media, are getting out to meet members, potential members and other industry stakeholders and are listening to people and dealing with their key issues. Our industry is now a high-tech supply chain of integrated systems and solutions, and we’re pleased that so many more professional companies are recognising the benefit of membership and are wanting to work under the broad-church NTDA banner to grasp the opportunities on offer”.


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