Michelin’s new passenger tyre said to be “most advanced, significantly raises the bar for safety”

The Michelin Cross Climate 2, which debuted at a virtual launch last week, is touted as the company’s “most versatile and advanced passenger tyre that has been developed in more than two decades.” The tyre features a V-formation tread design, thermal-adaptive tread compound and 3D locking sipes which together provides “an outstanding level of grip.”

Michelin North America (NA) will launch the CrossClimate 2 officially on August 3 – it is expected to boast nearly 80% consumer vehicle market coverage when its lineup is complete, “ideal” for North American drivers, according to Alexis Garcin, Chairman and President, Michelin NA.

The tyre also comes with a 60,000-mile warranty, said Andrew Meurer, VP of sales, Michelin NA, and will be supported by competitive brand campaign adapted for profitability and a “significant selling advantage.”