Marigold industrial rubber insulating gloves from Ansell address electrical workers’ needs


Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, announces the introduction of Marigold Industrial Rubber Insulating Gloves to the Ansell product line to protect the hands of workers interacting with exposed energized, de-energized or re-energized electrical circuits. The increased flexibility and dexterity of Marigold gloves allow for comfortable, prolonged wear for all electrical applications, addressing the critical need for increased performance over long periods of time and safety and glove compliance in the workplace.

Marigold Industrial Rubber Insulating Gloves are ergonomically designed with a shape that reflects the hand at a natural rest position and non-splayed fingers, as well as a generous flared cuff allows room for clothing and improves ventilation, increasing overall worker comfort. A case-hardened finish provides a smoother glove surface for easing donning and doffing. Marigold gloves are also designed for enhanced performance and safety, surpassing ASTM standards for tensile strength and stress, ultimate elongation, tension set, tear and puncture resistance to deliver ultimate flexibility and dexterity. The products also meet all applicable ASTM, NFPA, OSHA, CSA and EN standard. The gloves are an ideal solution to NFPA 70E, which requires protective equipment to be provided to employees working on or near exposed electrical circuits energized at 50 volts or higher.

“Marigold Industrial Rubber Insulating Gloves offer the fit and comfort electrical workers desire while delivering the safety and protection they need,” said Bob Gaither, Senior Vice President and Regional Director – North America, Ansell Protective Products Inc. “Marigold gloves emphasizes Ansell’s commitment to better protect workers and to increase productivity and glove compliance within the workplace by offering a glove with increased flexibility and dexterity.”

Marigold gloves are manufactured using an environmentally friendly aqueous dip process. The natural rubber raw material is kept in its natural aqueous state, as opposed to the solvent dip process used to create many alternative rubber insulating gloves. Marigold Industrial rubber insulating gloves are available in low voltage (Class 00 and 0) and high voltage (Class 2) and are available in yellow, red and black at various lengths. The low voltage gloves allow for a maximum use voltage AC/DC of 500/750 (Class 00) and 1,000/1,500 (Class 0) and the high voltage gloves allow for a maximum use voltage AC/DC of 17,000/25,500 (Class 2). Marigold Industrial leather protector gloves should always be worn over Marigold Industrial Rubber Insulating Gloves to meet OSHA and ASTM standards to provide mechanical protection against cuts, abrasions and punctures. Gloves should always be replaced or electrically retested every six months to ensure continued safety, as well as receive a daily inspection to ensure workers do not put themselves at risk. Marigold Industrial leather gloves are available in full sizes from 7-12 and are perfectly matched to the shape of Marigold Industrial Rubber Insulating Gloves.

Source: PR Web
Published: 15 Jan 2014