Lehigh Technologies awarded for sustainable technology

lehighSpecialty chemicals company Lehigh Technologies won the iChemE Global Award for Sustainable Technology. The company produces micronized rubber powders (MRP) and was recognized for its submission, “Micronized rubber powder – green for free.”

In its submission, the company detailed how the company has developed and commercialized MRP for use as a raw material in industrial markets ranging from rubber compounds to polyurethane systems. MRP delivers an unbeatable proposition of transformative cost reductions of up to 50% per unit, as well as performance and significant environmental benefits.

“Lehigh is on chemistry’s leading edge,” said Alan Barton, CEO of Lehigh Technologies. “The iChemE award recognizes our world-class team of scientists and engineers, who are applying rigorous science to the development of new markets for MRP- a complex chemical challenge! We are honored to receive this prestigious award and look forward to continuing to help our customers across the world improve their sustainability profile while reducing costs.”

The IChemE Global Awards, held in partnership with Aramco, celebrate excellence, innovation and achievement in the chemical and process industries. Judges evaluated entries for originality, innovation, evidence of potential or achieved technical and/or business success, environmental benefits, impact on stakeholders and potential for wider application. Other winners include global chemistry leaders such as Dow Chemical Company, Johnson Matthey and GSK.

“IChemE is a globally respected institution and tonight’s diverse range of winners from industry and academia is a compelling illustration of our commitment to recognize and advance chemical engineering worldwide,” said IChemE’s president, Andrew Jamieson.