Lanxess to build plant in Russia

Lanxess in RussiaAT its new site in Lipezk, Russia, Lanxess subsidiary Rhein Chemie will produce rubber additives and release agents for the Russian and CIS markets, especially for the automotive and tyre industries. The EUR5 million plant will start up in 2013 and in 2016, a production facility for bladders used in tyre production will be added.
According to studies, Russia will already be the biggest market for passenger cars in Europe by 2016, with more than three million vehicles produced and it is this that is pushing the company towards its goal.

Every year, the company will produce up to 1,500 tonnes of Rhenogran rubber additives and around 500 tonnes of Rhenodiv release agents at the new plant in Lipezk. These products are used primarily in the manufacture of car tyres and technical rubber products such as hoses and seals. In 2016, a facility able to produce up to 80,000 Rhenoshape bladders annually is to be added to the complex. Bladders are used in the tyre industry to give tyres their ultimate form and properties.

Lanxess has had its own company in Russia since 2009. It recorded sales of almost EUR50 million on the Russian market in the first nine months of 2011, more than twice as much as in the whole of 2009. The group currently employs around 30 people in Russia.(PRA)