Lanxess launches fuel-saving calculator app

Environmentally conscious car drivers can now download the Lanxess Fuel-Saving Calculator app from the App Store. In this way, the company creates transparency for consumers and show that what’s good for the environment is also good for your wallet!
The app provides quick and simple answers to two important questions – How much money and CO2 can each individual save with “Green Tires” and how long does it take for the purchase of these tires to pay off?
Lanxess TÜV-tested program takes the new EU tyre labeling system into account for the first time. According to this, all new tyres must have the requisite tire label from November 1, 2012. Among other aspects, this classifies their rolling resistance, i.e. fuel efficiency, and thus makes it easier for buyers to compare the various tyre models. Alongside rolling resistance, the label also gives a rating for two other important tire parameters – wet grip, ensuring better safety during rain, and exterior rolling noise. The grading system is similar to that for electrical appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, ranging from category A (optimal) down to G.
To calculate individual savings potential using the app, extra details over and above the rolling resistance are included in the calculation such as annual mileage, the consumption of the car, the ratio between different types of road/journey and of course the fuel price. For example, at a fuel price of EUR1.60 per liter, a car driver who travels 15,000 kilometers a year, and consumes on average seven liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers saves EUR135 in fuel costs with category B tires compared to F tires. Therefore, the additional investment of EUR20 to EUR50 per “Green Tyre” pays off within two years at the most.
Our Fuel-Saving Calculator is based on recent studies conducted by the Technical University of Munich and figures from the ADAC. TÜV Rheinland has tested and certified the calculator. We shall officially present the app in September but we already want to give you a first impression of it.
The small but very useful program is naturally free of charge. The software is already available as an app for iPhones and iPads in the App Store in German and English . Other languages will follow soon. The application will be available for android operating systems in the coming weeks. The application is also already online . Alongside German and English, it is available in French, Dutch, Polish, Czech and Slovenian.
The new app also offers other useful services: the parking time alarm notifies the driver when the time in the parking meter is almost up. And the servicing and reminder option indicates when the next car service appointment is due. The program also offers background information on the subject of “Green Tires” and on EU tyre labeling.