Lab line for rubber profiles

Lab line for rubber profilesGERMAN firm KraussMaffei Berstorff’s LabStar line is suited for rubber profile production in laboratory applications.

With a material use of 8 kg/hour, it is suited for low output rates and single component profiles. It is targeted at compound development applications, test specimens and sealing profiles with a size of below 1 cu cm. The core of the line is a GE 25 x 18D rubber extruder for continuous material shaping equipped with a mobile operating panel for line control. A downstream shock channel ensures prevulcanisation of the profile by means of short-wave infrared radiation.

The firm says the compact combination of microwave and hotair channel is based on production-scale equipment design and allows for optimum energy input. The cover flaps can be easily opened and facilitate material threading at line start-up and rapid cleaning of the processing chamber.(PRA)