GRI to build capacity with new tyre mixing plant in Sri Lanka

Specialty tyre manufacturer GRI Tires (GRI) is currently constructing a new mixing plant at the Mirigama Export Processing Zone (MEPZ), Sri Lanka, to boost capacity of tyre production and facilitate further expansion in line with increasing demand. The mixing plant is expected to ensure sustainable and consistent high-quality manufacturing in producing some 200 metric tonnes of specialty tyres daily, up from its current capacity of 50-60 metric tonnes.

The mixing plant will build on GRI’s commitment to high standards and come equipped with state-of-the-art automatic weighing equipment, feeding systems, and high capacity mixers, to ensure accuracy and quality when dealing with complex chemical compounds and natural rubber; the auto-feeding of fillers at the plant ensures no excess dust is generated while silo systems and dust collection mechanisms at every stage of the production process ensures that there is no wastage or by-products.

GRI has a considerable international presence and the latest mixing plant will cement their position on the global map, so thinks Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI. “The new facility will be constructed with an eye on future demand for specialty pneumatic and solid tyres. In the backdrop of challenging circumstances, we remain steadfast in our goal in taking GRI and high-quality Sri Lankan-made specialty tyres to the world.”