Goodyear unveils self-inflatable tyres

September 20, 2011

Goodyear unveils self-inflatable tyres AUTOMAKERS have made modern-day vehicles safer, more comfortable, fuel-efficient and yet, fun to drive. However, tyres have always received step-motherly treatment, forcing vehicle owners to carry an extra tyre to avert a flat tyre situation. But carrying a spare tyre in the car not only adds to the overall weight of the car, it also impacts the vehicle’s fuel-efficiency and takes up valuable space.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, one of world’s largest tyre-making companies, has unveiled a tyre which saves one the trouble of manually refilling air everytime there is a dip in air pressure in the tyre. Goodyear’s air maintenance technology (AMT) would enable tyres to remain inflated at the optimum pressure, without the need for any external pump.

While the technology is complex and self-contained, the idea behind the AMT system, says US-based Goodyear, is relatively simple and powered by the tyre itself. Tyres usually leak air in a sluggish manner that is often unnoticed.

The process of re-inflating the tyre starts as soon as the vehicle is in motion and stops automatically once the desired pressure is obtained. Sustained air pressure inside tyres would not only improve fuel economy, but also help reduce emission, improve the life of the tyre and enhance overall safety and performance. Underinflated tyres result in a 2.5-3.3 per cent reduction in fuel mileage, according to research reports. Lower air pressure also reduces the life of the tyre.

Source: Business Standard


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