Goodyear, Borrow pilot for EV tyre maintenance

In a second tyre service innovation for future mobility, American tyre manufacturer Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has entered a partnership with California-based electric car subscription company Borrow for automatic tyre servicing.

Goodyear will use its predictive tyre servicing solution for automatic tyre maintenance and replacement amongst Borrow’s connected fleets. The cloud-based platform predicts and automatically schedules servicing via supplied vehicle data and proprietary algorithms, while further services are together set to maximise Borrow’s uptime and customer experience. The fleet is currently serviced with Goodyear’s mobile vans, and will later include its aligned dealer network and company-owned retail stores.

Chris Helsel, Goodyear’s CTO said that their current relationship with Borrow ensures continued testing of digital service solutions for consumer fleets, thus allowing Goodyear to lead the mobility industry.

Goodyear’s most recent effort builds on electric vehicle (EV) services, with an ongoing Envoy EV project and a city-to-city mobility service exclusively with Tesla EVs. The collaboration with Borrow will enable Goodyear’s San Francisco Innovation Lab to test a new short-term leasing model of mobility – to efficiently service fleets for a hassle-free experience.The San Francisco Lab works to build products and data-driven service models for fleets, autonomous vehicles and other mobility applications.

Borrow is committed to electric-powered transport that allows for short-term, flexible usesans stressful commitment. The company has already put over 80 customers on the road and is projected to have 750 cars in service by end-2019.

Rodrigo de Guzman, Borrow’s founder and CEO,is elated by this new ownership experience within the electric car revolution: “Transportation is evolving quickly and we’re wholeheartedly accepting that challenge in a way that’s meaningful to consumers and glad to be working with Goodyear.”