Chinese rubber chem producer gets nod for TBBS project trial run

sunsineShandong Sunsine Chemical Co, Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of  China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Ltd,  a specialty rubber chemicals producer and global leader in the production and supply of rubber accelerators obtained the Government’s approval for the trial run of its 30,000-tonne accelerator TBBS expansion project.

This fully automated TBBS expansion project is split into two phases. Shandong Sunsine has completed the Phase  1, a 10,000-tonne production line.  Commercial production will commence upon successful completion of the trial run, and is expected to increase the company’s capacity for accelerator from 87,000 tonnes to 97,000 tonnes per annum. Meanwhile, the company’s total capacity will increase from 162,000 tonnes to 172,000 tonnes per annum.

The expansion projects, including the 10,000-tonne IS expansion project, which had been approved in November last year are expected to contribute significantly to the company’s growth.