Fuel-filled rubber balls find their way to Afghanistan

January 30, 2012

UK’s Ministry of Defence is air dropping giant bullet-proof rubber balls filled with fuel to frontline troops in Afghanistan. Known as Air Portable Fuel Containers MK 5, they are designed for delivery to more remote areas of operations.

Each holds up to 2 tonnes of fuel and is part made from polymer Kevlar, a flexible plastic used in body armour to keep the contents protected from enemy fire. They can be transport using a sling under a helicopter or in the back of a transport aircraft.

The Kevlar protection means they can also be parachuted into locations or dropped from heights of up to 25 ft. It means the logistics of getting fuel to power generators for heat, light, medical facilities and communications equipment at FOBs and checkpoints has just got a lot easier and quicker.

Designed and built in the UK, the containers have been bought under a £2 million, five-year agreement with GKN Aerospace based in Portsmouth. (PRA)


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