Arlanxeo ramps up sales of EPDM rubbers produced in Saudi Arabia

Synthetic elastomers company Arlanxeo says it has successfully ramped-up its sales of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber, produced in Saudi Arabia and being marketed under the brand name Keltan KSA, through the course of 2019. Marketing and sales of the new EPDM grades are based on an agreement concluded between Arlanxeo and its parent company Saudi Aramco in 2018, while collaboration has been further enhanced by the take-over of full ownership of Arlanxeo by Saudi Aramco beginning of 2019.

Keltan KSA is being shipped directly from the Red Sea port of the production site and sold globally via the Keltan KSA self-service portal, offering customers full control, direct interaction and 24/7 access from any location around the world, says the firm.

Christian Widdershoven, member of Arlanxeo’s executive leadership team, highlights the strategic importance of Keltan® KSA for the company´s synthetic rubber portfolio: “Through Keltan KSA’s distinct business model and positioning in the EPDM market, we are further strengthening Arlanxeo’s position as the global supplier for synthetic rubbers in the world market.”

EPDM rubbers stand out thanks to their high resistance to water, ozone, UV, heat and weather. These characteristics make them the perfect choice for the manufacturing of seals and hoses in the automotive industry, gaskets and sheeting for building and construction and bullseyes and seals for use in consumer goods. In addition, EPDM rubbers offer excellent dynamic properties and a wide temperature range, are extremely flexible and durable and have outstanding electrical properties.