Zeon invests in Visolis to accelerate biomanufacturing process

Zeon invests in Visolis to accelerate biomanufacturing processJapanese chemical firm Zeon Corporation Zeon Corporation, through its corporate venturing subsidiary Zeon Ventures Inc. (California, US), has invested in Visolis, Inc, a US start-up, developing an innovative biomanufacturing platform.

Zeon says it will partner closely with Visolis to help accelerate development of the company’s sustainable biomanufacturing processes. Visolis is developing a biomanufacturing platform combining artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and traditional chemical catalysis to efficiently produce a portfolio of carbon negative chemicals.

Visolis’s proprietary process transforms sustainable raw materials, including waste biomass, into bio-based chemicals with diverse applications ranging from active ingredients for personal care to drop-in replacements for commodity petrochemicals.

To accelerate the transition to a sustainable society, Zeon will work together with Visolis in enabling cost-competitive, bio-based chemicals for a range of applications from cosmetics to cars.

Zeon says it will continue to invest in and nurture start-ups in four key areas (healthcare and life sciences, CASE and MaaS, telecommunications (5G/6G), and energy conservation).

Visolis was established in 2017 and has recently completed a US$8 million fund-raising round. Other companies involved in Visolis include Sumitomo Chemical, Nikko Chemicals and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.