Yokohama debuting tyre grip concept at upcoming exhibit

yokohamaYOKOHAMA Rubber Concept of “The Science of Tyre Grip Performance” at an upcoming motor show in Tokyo in late November.

The company will also introduce its latest technologies, advanced technological capabilities and its corporate stance of seeking ever higher grip performance as a key to driving safety.

Yokohama Rubber says that it wants to raise driver understanding of tyre grip performance by appealing to its efforts to achieve superior grip performance in all tyre categories, from fuel-efficient tyres to studless tyres.

In the exhibit, the firm will provide explanations of the advanced proprietary technologies that support Yokohama tyres’ superior grip performance, from compounding technologies that incorporate orange oil and other advances in rubber compounding to a mechanism for enhancing the performance of studless tyres on icy surfaces, as well as introduce the company’s technologies for raising the fuel-efficiency performance of tyres.

Yokohama will also feature its proprietary technologies including “fin tyres” that employ advances in aerodynamics to reduce vehicle air drag by controlling airflow in the wheel well, auto body design technologies for high strength, ultra-lightweight body components based on Yokohama’s development of aircraft components, and adhesive technologies accumulated during development of HAMATITE adhesives that enable the creation of composites made from hard-to-bond dissimilar materials. These technologies are showcased in concrete form in the hybrid AERO-Y concept car.