TRA to create new pyrolysis sub-group by 2021

The Tyre Recovery Association (TRA), UK, will soon launch a pyrolysis sub-group consisting of interested members to promote and further develop tyre recycling efforts on a larger scale. The TRA sub-group will address a number of matters of common importance; and aims to hold its first scoping meeting in January 2021, to evaluate pyrolysis in the context of the current regulatory environment and in the areas of product and market development.

According to the TRA, the UK has seen remarkable interest in tyre pyrolysis in the past two years, including company investment and participation, while more potential operations arise on a regular basis.

The TRA believes the UK is well-placed to benefit from dealing with post-consumer tyres and polymers, “an important resource which deserves to be better valorised.” Other nations will also benefit from the TRA sub-group as tyre pyrolysis becomes more recognised worldwide.