Sumitomo offers rebates to tyre buyers


Japanese tyre maker, in its latest mail-in rebate promo offering, “Enhance your Drive, Enhance your Savings”, says that its US customers are getting the chance to win gift cards worth US$50 each when they buy four units of the HTR Enhance performance touring tyres between mid September to mid October. Mechanics of the promo can be found in Sumitomo’s website.

Sumitomo says the HTR Enhance is the newest and most technologically advanced tyre from their brand. The tyre comes in 60 T, H, V and W rated sizes in 38cm through 46cm rim diameters;it also has the “Confidence Enhanced” best in class warranty package: an extended mileage treadwear coverage, a free 45–day test drive, two–year roadside assistance coverage, and a one–year road hazard protection coverage.