Philippine local manufacturers decry inferior imported rubber goods

rubberAN INFLUX of cheap Chinese and Vietnamese products are coming into the country and the Government has not stepped up to halt this. This was the general sentiment of the survey result conducted by the Philippine Rubber Industries Association among its members regarding the proposed rubber industry roadmap.

The Philippine rubber industry roadmap has been created to promote its products and to contribute to the country’s economic development. The roadmap also encompasses the upgrading of manufacturing capabilities as well as the technical and market standards to strengthen the country’s presence in the global supply chain.

The BOI said all 20 roadmaps are being integrated into the manufacturing industry roadmap. The DTI said the crafting of industry roadmaps is lead by the private sector and that the government acts as “enabler and facilitator.”

Reportedly, the survey cites the lack of trade agreement provisions as well as the presence of inferior imported rubber goods (mostly coming from China and Vietnam) in the market are marring the competitiveness of local manufacturers.

Other counter-competitive variables cited by the members are the inadequate rubber testing facilities as well as the fluctuating price of rubber crumb, among others.

In lieu of the situation, PRIA urges the Government to set down stringent measures against smuggling and for imported goods coming into the local market.

Research and development facilities as well as accreditation of rubber testing centres are also called for.

The group also addresses the public to be more discerning with the quality of products they buy. It says that cheap but inferior quality rubber products such as tyres can be hazardous.